Awareness, knowledge and understanding of trafficking in human beings only at the level of governmental or non-governmental institutions is not enough to combat the trafficking phenomenon. This phenomenon must be known and understood by the whole society. Although the notion of human trafficking is currently known by public opinion, actually the perception of the phenomenon is superficial, the magnitude and gravity are not understood.

Prevention shall be done trough:

  1. Education: it is the simple way to fight against modern slavery. If each country in the world will start to educate its own people about human trafficking and how one can be involved in the battle against trafficking in human beings, it will decline and disappear in the end.
    People’s awareness should start on schools. Education in this area will change the perception of society about trafficking in human beings.

    How we do that?

    • Prevention lessons – the mission of prevention lessons is to give students a strong foundation of effective trafficking phenomenon prevention skills in order not to become a victim of traffickers.
    • Training – prevention training develops skills to teach proven prevention strategies, impart knowledge and help teachers, students and parents how to maintain a positive prevention attitude.
  2. Workshops for youth and children – Through certain activities, they can learn to know their value. Also, to learn what self-esteem and respect for others are and how important it is for them to get involved in upholding the moral and human values ​​in the society they are part of.
  3. Workshops for teachers – to learn how they can protect their students, how they can recognize a risk situation and/or a victim in their classes and where they can report any trafficking situation.
  4. Workshops for parents – to learn about trafficking in human beings. Then they can learn how to manage a specific risk situation and how to communicate with their children about this and their needs and how they can protect them from any form of exploitation. Also, to learn to recognize any form of trafficking. It is very important to know the institutions where they have to report any form of exploitation in their child’s life or another person.
    To learn that a child is not an object and they cannot leave him/her anywhere or in the presence of anyone. To understand how important it is to know and have access to the social networks their child participates in.